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How To Publish Your EBook on Amazon Kindle

Publicado em 1 de out de 2015
Publishing your book can seem like a huge undertaking, but in this interview with Dr. Fred Jones, he is going to help you get your book published and on the market.

0:33 Where do you start on Amazon to have your book published?

Link mentioned to set up your Amazon account for book publishing -
(Kindle Direct Publishing)

What info do you need to set up a KDP on Amazon?

Keep in mind that you are setting up a publishing company with the KDP account.

1:48 Once you have the Amazon KDP Account set up, where do you go to set up your 1st book?

Just 3 simple steps and you are well on your way to having your book published!

1. Title of your book
2. Subtitle of your book
3. Pick the right Category

2:46 Is Amazon KDP only for ebook publishing?

What is the difference between KDP and Create Space for publishing your book?

If you want to publish a paperback book go to -

What do you need to publish your ebook?

1. Book Manuscript
2. Book Cover

Once you have the book manuscript uploaded into Kindle Direct Publisher, how long until your book is published?

3:50 Why should you use a company name when setting up your KDP?

4:54 What key elements should be in your book description to draw in your target market and make sales?

Is your book summary hooky? Dr. Fred says it should and yes, he explains what that means.

6:16 What is an ISB Number?
(ISBN - International Standard Book Number)

Do you need an ISBN on a kindle ebook?

What is an ASIN Number on Kindle ebooks? How do you get an ASIN? (Amazon Standard Index Number)

How do you get an ISBN for publishing a book on Create Space?

7:44 Who owns the publishing rights on your books?

8:50 How do you target your audience to maximize your book sales?

"Your deepest pain point has the potential to be your highest paying point" Dr. Fred Jones

10:19 What are digital rights Management on Amazon?

Connect with Dr. Fred and get his download at -

RCUWomen -

Lany Sullivan at -
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